About us

Willow Natural Therapy Clinic is run by its founder Irene Lambert M.P.N.L.P. M.G.H.S.C.  L.T.E.F.T. She became interested in natural therapies in 1975, from personal circumstances. Over the years her studies and experiences have enabled her to offer a safe, comfortable and supportive healing environment in which confidentiality and the individual needs of each client take first priority.

Irene is dedicated to empowering you to achieve your full potential and enjoy living life to the full.

Irene is a sensitive, gifted, dedicated international consultant and trainer, who combines her unique, intuitive and practical skills together with her broad experience and knowledge in various Hypnotherapy, Complementary Health, Counselling and Psychology disciplines in which she has received extensive, up to date, professional training.

Her main practice areas are now:-

All of these therapeutic techniques may be requested individually. However Irene is undoubtedly one of the best qualified, experienced and most able of therapists, who uses integrated techniques to address her clients’ issues with great success.

Clients come to the clinics for a variety of different reasons.

Irene is a registered with the following professional bodies:irene lambert

  • The General Hypnotherapy Standards Council
  • The Federation of Small Businesses
  • The Association for Meridian Therapies

Irene specialises in the most up-to-date techniques. The frequency of the sessions is determined on an individual basis. It depends on how complex the issue, your current health, lifestyle, work and home stresses.

In addition to being a sought-after guest speaker, active consultant and licensed international trainer, Irene is also available for courses, workshops and professional training on many of these topics.

As a public speaker Irene is keen to share her knowledge and promote the provision of Self Help, Personal Development Coaching, Complementary Health, Counselling and Psychology in Derby, Derbyshire, throughout the UK and Internationally.

Please note – Irene Lambert also offers some integrated therapies by way of her Home Visit Service, over Skype and at her other clinics in Alfreton and London.