Kinesiology in Derby

Kinesiology services successfully helps many people in Derby find relief from stress, general anxiety disorders, hypertension, fears and phobias, illnesses and ailments both specific and systemic.

The body has to constantly monitor its own state through homeostatic mechanisms. It is continually balancing and rebalancing itself to maintain acceptable levels of functions such as blood pressure, body temperature and acid levels in the digestive system. People become ill when this balancing process becomes disturbed and these acceptable levels are not maintained.

kinesiology willow natural therapy clinic

kinesiology willow natural therapy clinic

Kinesiology is a fast, safe and effective system of natural health care.

Using gentle testing with a muscle (arm) the Kinesiologist is able to gain information about what is happening and what techniques or procedures are needed to restore balance. The techniques and procedures used are gentle and non-invasive.

Once restored to optimum physical, emotional and mental well-being you are able to move forward positively, make changes and function to your fullest potential in life.

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