Neuro-Linguistic Programming NLP in Derby

I offer pure neuro-linguistic programming in Derby and London having trained with John La Valle and Dr. Richard Bandler. I am a licensed NLP Master Practitioner and member of The Society of NLP.

Neuro refers to our neurology, our thinking processes.
Linguistic refers to language, how we use it and how we are influenced by it.
Programming refers to the patterns we create in our thoughts, feelings and behaviour.

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Neuro-Linguistic Programming NLP Techniques

As seen on Sky and BBC TV, I will enable you through fast, enjoyable change to:

  • Improve your health;
  • Eliminate unwanted phobias;
  • Overcome fear of public speaking;
  • Dissolve limiting beliefs;
  • Resolve problems;
  • Value relaxation;
  • Build self esteem;
  • Gain confidence;
  • Feel really good about yourself;
  • Have a clear vision about your life;
  • Set clear directions and goals;
  • Make better decisions;
  • Do the things that you most want to do;
  • Achieve the results you really want and desire;
  • Maximise the quality of your life now.

*NLP techniques can be used with or without Hypnotherapy and EFT.

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