Allergy / Tolerance / Nutrition Testing (one session)

Allergy, Tolerance and Nutrition Testing

Correct eating patterns and good food enhance the body’s own natural healing processes, improves the immune system, reduce stress and increase energy on all levels. Allergies/Sensitivities can disturb this process.

ALLERGY (nowadays referred to as SENSITIVITY or  INTOLERANCE) means the body does not recognise the substance and will deal with it inappropriately.

TOLERANCE means the body can recognise the substance but has a problem with the volume it can cope with at any given time. Both have very similar symptoms.

Combinations of foods or substances will also be tested if appropriate. For example all vegetables may test ok until three are combined. If tea, made from a tea bag, is upsetting a client it maybe a combination of water, tea, milk, sugar, paper, bleach and glue.

Willow Natural Therapy Clinic offers you a ‘needle free‘, gentle allergy, tolerance, and combination testing system which tests from a selection of 110 different foods, 66 food additives, 22 pollens, 24 common metals including Mercury (found in dental fillings), vitamins, alcohol including wine, beer and spirits and many other substances. Results are available at the end of the session.

Are you on supplements or unsure about which supplements to take, if and when to take them? You are invited, if you wish, to bring along with you your own vitamins and minerals.  Vitamin and mineral supplements do not work for everyone.

Are you under or over eating or are you having difficulties each day with your symptoms and in need of advice?

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