Weight Loss

Gastric Band IllustrationYou can choose between the Hypnotherapy Gastric Band sessions or Weight Loss Hypnotherapy sessions (without the VGB).

Both the Hypnotherapy Gastric Band programme and the Weight Loss programme are to get you to where you want to be regarding your weight, and help you to stay there. Sounds great: How does it work?

When you choose the non-surgical Hypnotherapy Gastric Band, programme it consists of an initial consultation and three one-hour sessions of relaxing hypnotherapy. Each weekly session will utilise techniques that are designed to bring about a permanent change in your eating habits, and focus you on the person you want to be, not on the person you don’t want to be.

This hypnotherapy virtual gastric band programme is to get you to where you want to be and stay there. Clinical trials proved this non-surgical technique to be very successful and a cost effective way to managing your weight.

It includes a backup CD for you to listen to every day, for 28 days which reinforces the new messages and aids that permanent change in your behaviour.

Our hypnotherapy Gastric Band Programme is available in small groups or private 1-2-1 sessions.

If you are ready for new healthy habits or to change your attitude towards food then please feel free to contact me on 01332 863290 or 07903 711 079   contact me.