Therapy training: AMT Energists Trainers Training Qualification

This course will give you the skills and confidence you need to succeed as an AMT Trainer and teach AMT courses and is a two day intensive training.

Created in 2013 this qualification supersedes the current 1-day Trainer of Meridian and Energy Therapies that has been used since 1998.

  • Qualification: AMT Trainer
  • Course Units: 8 taken over 2 days
  • Prerequisite Qualification/s: Have been certified at an AMT qualification at Practitioner or Master Practitioner level. Whatever courses you have completed as a practitioner, AMT trainers are then allowed and encouraged to then go out and teach it to others.
  • Existing AMT Trainers: You may continue to teach and certify people in AMT courses. However you do need to upgrade your certificate to the new two-day training as soon as you can and before 1st Nov 2016. I offer a discounts for upgrading in the UK and worldwide.

The state of the audience creates the trainers experience.
But the trainer has it in their power to create the state of the audience.

Therapy training: AMT Energists Trainers Training Qualification

Course Content:

Day 1

1/1 Training the Next Generation
Energy Trainer and Group
The Stress Chart in Training
How to “Be Yourself” With Groups

1/2 - The Energy of Leadership

1/3 - Group Entity
The Training Wave
Finding YOUR People

1/4 - Role Modelling & Skills Acquisition

Day 2

2/1 - The Sixth Sense in the Training Context

2/2 - Your Radiant Business Entity
Connecting Your Vision, Your Business and Your Customers

2/3 - Doing Business in The Real World
Unlocking Your Real World Wisdom Creating Powerful Support Structures

2/4 - Creating Success
Clarity & Purpose
Mind Heart and Soul Alignment
Trainers Evolution

Please contact AMT Trainers Trainer Irene Lambert to enquire or for an initial discussion.