Therapy training: EFT Level 2 - Additional Skills and Practitioner Training

This course is for 2 days and leads to full practitioner status if required

EFT Level 2 and Practitioner Training

Following on from your Introduction workshop this two day accredited Practitioner Training consists of 25 interactive units that will gradually build your confidence through awareness, learning and practical skills development. Your learning and reflection is supported and monitored by your experienced international Trainer of Trainers, Irene Lambert. Courses are held and her many years of experiences shared in a fun, friendly and relaxed way.

You will be assessed on your understanding of each unit as you progress through the course by an observation and feedback system. On successful completion of the course you are required to submit 3 Person Studies. These consist of a minimum of 3 sessions with 3 different people presenting contrasting conditions.

Optional - If your client studies satisfactorily demonstrate your understanding and application of EFT you will be awarded Practitioner status and are able then to practice professionally.

You will gain from

  • An in depth look at the history and background of EFT
  • Calibration – Visual cues, Auditory Cues, Calibration in detail. Develop listening skills and powerful language patterns to get to the heart of the matter
  • Importance of Personality Types when using EFT in professional practice.
  • Contacting the problem – advanced skills
  • Testing and monitoring Progress
  • SUDs Scale, VOC Scale and Imaginary Testing
  • EFT treatment Flow chart
  • Muscle testing - helpful in identifying core issues, short cuts and testing results and taught by a registered kinesiologist.
  • Aspects of a problem
  • The Phobia Protocol
  • Working by telephone - anywhere in the world.
  • The Keyword Protocol
  • The Story Protocol
  • The Beliefs Protocol
  • Demonstration of psychological reversal and its effects
  • Working with Physiological Issues
  • General Addictions Protocol
  • The Addictive Cravings Protocol
  • Personalised Algorithms for clients
  • Abreactions and how to avoid them
  • Legal issues and requirements
  • Practitioner maintenance
  • Demonstration of Muscle Testing and how this enhances EFT
  • Practitioner care
  • Integration of EFT into your everyday life skills or professional practice
  • Optional - included with this package is online and telephone support available on completion of the course for one month for those needing a little bit of extra help
  • Full course guarantee!
  • Ongoing support
  • Online or phone bookings available.

Full qualification and CPD points for many associations including:

  • Association of Master Herbalists
  • Embody
  • Kinesiology Federation
  • GHR
  • IPTI insurance available